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Fluorite Angel & Opalite Point Pendant
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Fluorite Angel & Opalite Point Pendant

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Pendant is approximately 2.5 inches tall.
Weight is approximately 12 g.
20 inch Chain included.

This product is Nickel and Lead free!

About Fluorite


Stone of Discernment & Aptitude

Fluorite belongs to the spar family, as all other members of the family, Fluorite may be separated into flakes. According to European folklore, it is the home of the rainbows and therefore magic and imagination.

Formerly called Fluorspar, Fluorite has been said to have limited use as a gemstone due to its relatively soft demeanor. However, the wide range of colors and the frequent incidence of more than one color in a single specimen has made Fluorite an interesting stone with a wonderful display of colors.

Mohs Hardness of 4 with a cubic crystal structure.

Frequently, there is more than one color in a single stone. The largest crystal deposits have been found in the United States, while expensive pink specimens may be found in the Alps in Switzerland. England has a purple and yellow banded variety known as Blue John.

Fluorite helps to ground excessive energy, particularly mental, emotional and nervous energy. It is a powerful healer, it affects all the chakras as well as mental attitudes. It is excellent for use in cleansing the aura…it is known to ride the aura of cording (unwanted attached energy lines from other people).

Fluorite aids in channeling as well, excellent for connecting with the Akashic records for answer to your past lives.

It is particularly helpful in aiding inter-dimensional communications, particularly with Nature spirits, faeries, elves and other fae folks.

Use with other stones to amplify their effects, especially if you are working towards spiritual wholeness and development, truth and peace.

Although usually translucent, Fluorite comes in shades of white, brown, blue, yellow, purple, red, or colorless, and green. Fluorite is a valuable helper in grounding excess energies.

Rainbow: This variety of Fluorite exhibits 3 distinct color rays, violet, green, and blue. Being that this gemstone is three colors, it will help you to heal on three levels; spiritual, emotional, and mental. Whatever your issues are, Rainbow Fluorite will help you to become mentally aware and then begin to help you work through the processes necessary for complete healing.

Purple: Aids ability to meditate, increases psychic development, brings spiritual peace and wholeness. As we develop spiritually, we come to a place in our journey where we need to make a commitment. Fluorite will help you to decide if you are indeed ready to make this important commitment. For some, purple Fluorite will help them to begin channeling information that is crucial to further their spiritual development. This stone is more than a ‘mental’ stone, it also radiates energy throughout the light body system. Physically, purple Fluorite is helpful in promoting a state of health for the skin, bones and muscular system.

Green: Green Fluorite is about healing on all levels. This stone allows us to mentally grasp our heart-based issues and then begin to heal them. Green is the color of growth and healing. Use this stone as a bridge to allow personal growth to happen in your life. It is very calming, but at the same time it gives us the courage needed to expand our ideas and awareness.

Blue: Throat, nose, ears, soothing; Karmic impasses resolved, atonement relieved.

Yellow: Focus, cooperation, group alignment.

Yttrium: Lavender, Yttrium Fluorite is an unusual, rare and beautiful form of purple Fluorite from Mexico. It is unusual in the fact that it does not act as other varieties of Fluorite and is extremely dense. Fluorite is known for being a mental body stone, but Yttrium is very different in the fact that it is attached to the physical world. While this may seem an unusual property for a mentally orientated mineral, it does serve an important function. Many people are too mentally oriented, they are thinkers, philosophers and dreamers who lack the discipline or grounded-ness to bring their ideas into reality. Yttrium Fluorite assists in grounding the ideas of these thinkers by manifesting those plans–making things happen. Another way the energies of this stone may be utilized is by bringing down mental concepts to a level more readily understood by the average person. Minerals such as Selenite give us access to higher wisdom, Calcite can bridge the gap between that reality and our own, but a mineral such as Yttrium Fluorite will bring that information down through the physical plane to a level more easily understood

Double Pyramid: Aligns spirit with physical plane, inner with outer awareness, and 2 sides/brain; Crown Chakra, illuminating karmic lessons.

Fluorite may be used with other stone to help open the path to allow the additional stones to be more effective. Fluorite may be used as a stone for meditation to assist in energizing the body and raising one’s powers of concentration.

Used to alleviate pain when placed directly on an affected area, Fluorite gently removes the discomfort. This type of direct application is also particularly helpful for energy blockage ailments as well as respiratory issues, skin disease, and arthritis.

Energy: Projective
Element: Water & Air
Planet: Neptune
Powers: Mental Abilities & Power
Candle Color: White

Fluorite is one of the New Age stones, and is becoming increasingly more popular. This stone has no long history of magical use. Its influences are just now being investigated and discovered. In general, it seems to work with the conscious mind, useful for straightening out your thoughts and for reducing emotional involvement in a situation in order to gain more accurate perspective.

Because it affects the intellectual mind, Fluorite quells strong emotions and soothes one’s thoughts over the angry sea of depression and desperation.

Zodiac Stone of: Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces

Associations: Neptune

Birthstone: Not a birthstone for any month

Fluorite symbolizes responsibility and respect.

Fluorite helps with general health throughout the entire body’s main skeletal and muscular systems. All of the colors are good for auric cleansing and mixed colors simply enhance the colors included in them.

  • Clear Fluorite guards against psychic attack and strengthens consciousness while working with 6th, Third Eye/Brow Chakra
  • Blue Fluorite has the quality of protecting the emotions and restoring emotional balance good for working with the 4th, Heart Chakra
  • Purple Fluorite strengthens mystical insight, psychic awareness, and can open the 6th, Third Eye Chakra
  • Green Fluorite is an excellent all-purpose healing stone that promotes healing on all levels. It also promotes self-love working with the 4th, Heart and 6th Third Eye/Brow Chakras
  • All rainbow colors are important balancers and healers

About Opal


Stone of Inspiration & Change

Opal, similar to the Quantum Quattro stone, is hardened silica gel. The stones often contain 5-15% water, sometimes up to 20%, and therefore if not cared for properly, may dry out and crack.

There are a great many colors and names for different types of Opals, but all contain the intrinsic properties together, including the application of one’s character and traits, providing one with the ambition to overcome, and lesser attributes one may possess. Helping one to recognize the creativity the lies within, offering inspiration and imagination to any and all situations.

What is considered an Organic Gem?

While many minerals are considered gemstones, there are also a number of materials that have been infused, infilled or partially replaced by organic materials; as well as natural organisms that have been mineralized then used and considered valuable ‘gems’ throughout all our time.

Organic materials considered gemstones include but are not limited to: Amber, Bone, Coral, Ivory, Pearls, Mother of Pearl, Abalone as well as meteorites such as Moldavite.

Organic materials that have been mineralized to gemstones include: Dino Bone (Gem Bone, Gembone) Petrified Wood, Fossils such as Ammolilte and Ammonite; during the mineral infilling the organic structure is preserved therefore it remains an organic material, and thus an Organic Gem.

Mohs Hardness of 7 with a trigonal crystal structure.

Opal is a mineral species with an amorphous structure, meaning it is without form.  In other words, it is created of tiny spheres of amorphous silica gel. A non-crystalline stone, almost 20% of its body weight in water that has been encapsulated. The Opal has been known to dry out and crack if not cared for properly.

There are two types of Opals, the precious Opal which shows iridescent, flashes of color, and the more common potch/common Opal, which is generally opaque and displays little or no iridescence.

Opals are formed by filling the cavities in sedimentary rocks or in the veins of igneous rocks.  It is also known to replace organic materials in fossils, wood, and shells, as well as bone.  Australia has been the main producer of Opals since the 19th century, with other locals including the Czechoslovakia, Brazil, Mexico, Africa, and the US.

Opal is known as a stone of inspiration, enhancing one’s creativity and imagination. This will help one release inhibitions as well as enhancing one’s memory.  Said to be a very spiritual stone, as well as magically allowing one to appear ‘invisible‘ in situations where one does not wish to be noticed/seen.

Opal is associated with water and is a silicate containing water, correlating with one’s emotions. Thus this stone will amplify and mirror deep emotions, feelings, and desires that one may have forgotten even existed. With this amplification, one becomes more spontaneous, uninhibited, and benefit from a clearer imagination, freer visualization, and more vivid dreams.

Fire Opal is said to enhance one’s personal power, awakening the inner fire, as well as protecting one from danger. A symbol of hope, it will support one through emotional turmoil, assisting in the release of the past.

Blue Opal is the ultimate stone for granting wishes of all forms. It will assist one in energy the world of fae (fairies) and allow one to see beyond the immediate physical realities so one may be open to the wonders within nature and life.

Blue Green Opal is said to open one to new impressions as well as encouraging openness in others; helping one to observe the world through clearer vision, while alleviating emotional burdens. Facilitating the facing of one’s future with a tranquil and self-healing nature.

Green Opal is said to be beneficial for cleansing and rejuvenating one’s emotional self and in recovering of such. Assisting in relationships, it has the ability to properly filter information, giving one a stronger meaning to day to day life, and bringing about a clearer spiritual perspective.

Pink Opal assists one in feeling centered, as well as aiding one to open and activate pathways to clairvoyance. The most helpful Opal in assisting with headaches brought upon by the blockage of the Third Eye.

Pink Peruvian Opal is said to be quite vibrant and stimulating regardless of it’s soft and gentle coloring.  Raising one’s spirits, elevating one’s mood. Creating a sort of euphoric feeling, not the type that one might lose thought and time, but one that will attune to the natural pulse of love, which brings about the change in attitude, mood and mind. Showing one balance and attunement, understanding of the yin-yang importance.

Black Opal has been told to enhance sexual attractiveness, transforming the fears that hold one back into optimism and eagerness to live one’s life. It will assist in reaching a higher spiritual experience, as well as being one of the strongest good luck stones.

Opals are commonly known to strengthen the will to live, and appreciate one’s life living it to the fullest. Linked to the heart and said to stimulate the glands, regulating the metabolism, Opal has beneficial effects on the human psyche.

White Opal is said to greatly increase general productivity through activating the necessary glands, regularizing one’s biorhythms so that wearing one may avoid discordant energies that may lead to uncontrolled behavior. Harmonizes desire, restores pleasure to eating which alleviates many food disorders.

Fire Opal is said to support one through life’s emotional turmoil, allowing one to release and let go of negative portions of the past. Resonating with the lower back and abdomen as well as the triple burner meridian. Healing kidneys, intestines, and balancing the adrenals preventing physical burnout. The Fire Opal may also be used for warming and re-energizing in general, as well as stimulating the sexual organs.

Blue Opal is known as an emotional soother that assists one to realign to one’s spiritual purpose. It has been found quite useful when experiences from past lives are affecting one’s present life.

Blue-Green Opal is used to detoxify and regenerate the liver as well as feelings of constriction of the heart and chest in general.

Green Opal strengthens the immune systems to assist in alleviating colds and flu.

Pink Opal is told to be particularly helpful in healing headaches caused by the Third Eye Chakra, promotes tissue regeneration, healing blood disorders, muscle tension, and menopausal symptoms as well.

Black/Brown/Gray Opals are particularly useful for releasing the sexual tension that arises due to an emotional situation, as well as for processing and integrating newly discovered or released emotions one needs to deal with. Black is said to absorb pain and/or illness replacing the pain with loving gentle feelings.

Energy: Projective & Receptive
Element: Earth, Air, Fire, Water
Planet: Mercury
Powers: Astral Projection, Power & Psychics
Candle Color: Silver

The Opal contains all of the colors, and properties of most all other gemstones. And as such, an Opal may be programmed or charged with virtually any and every type of energy used in any and all spells and magical needs.

Worn to facilitate and protection during astral projection, used for past incarnation recall, and favored to develop psychic powers.

Fire Opals are used quite frequently in spells to draw money. Effective in use for rituals to increase passion in a current relationship. Helpful not only working with the fire element spirits, but with channeling all four element spirits in a positive way.

Black Opals are often prized by practitioners as strong power stones. In recent times, the Black Opal being used as a God stone, and the white as a Goddess Stone. The Black Opal is said to amplify power magically, and as an amulet, to attract good fortune.

All Opals are universally considered luck attracting stones. Please beware that Opals are extremely sensitive to the vibrations of the bearer and will project those vibrations. Which makes Opal a wonderful stone for manifestation, yet negative energies may also be projected with the same amount of power. So if one is feeling negative in any way, avoid all Opals.

Zodiac Stone of: Cancer, Libra, Pieces and Scorpio

Associations:  Mercury

Birthstone: Modern & Ayurvedic Birthstone of October, Mystical Birthstone for April, and Anniversary Stone for the 14th Year.

Due to all of the colors contained in this stone, it may be used to work on any and all of the chakras. Specifically speaking though:

Blue resonates with the 5th, Throat Chakra and may assist and enhance communication, especially that has been suppressed through lack of self-confidence.

Rainbow Blue Opal gently cleanses and energizes all of the chakras.

Pink will aid in cleansing and activating the 1st, Root and 2nd Sacral/Navel Chakras.  It will promote a sense of well being and centeredness.  It may be particularly helpful in healing headaches that are caused by a blocked or unopened 6th Chakra.

Black, Brown, Grey resonates with the 2nd, Sacral/Navel Chakra as well as the reproductive organs. May be used with Fluorite to cleanse the aura and prevent cording.

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